Continual improvement is critical to our continued success and is therefore applied throughout the company, enabling us to reduce waste and increase efficiency through the provision of key performance indicator, including monitoring of PPM levels.

Our management system is certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949.

Our policy of continued investment in high-specification inspection equipment helps us to maintain process control and ensure that parts we manufacture conform to appropriate customer specifications. We use OGP Vantages equipped with laser probes in order to achieve measurement accuracy of two microns for stamped parts and Fischer X-Ray machines provide results with sub-micron resolution when measuring plating thickness.  

We place great emphasis on harmonisation of inspection processes with our customers, as this ensures that product inspection techniques, standards and fixtures applied by our customers are used by BA to verify conformance to customer specifications during the manufacturing process.

Corporate Accountability

Our adoption of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) ensures that our supply chain, complies with labour, health and safety, ethic and environmental standards included within the EICC Code of Conduct. These requirements prevent conflict materials from entering our supply chain whilst ensuring workers are fairly treated and appropriate precautions are taken to prevent harm to the environment.

For further details please see our Social Accountability Policy and Code of Conduct

With the latest technology laser probe smart scopes at Batten & Allen we can measure accurately within 1 micron and by using a pre written programme for each component we can offer real-time inspection of over 30 million components per day.

This gives the customer confidence in our quality and repeatability of our components.

We also have the facility to carry out re-flow testing using our own in house ovens to enable us to carry out equivalent tests to our end customer.

Our touch screen display situated on the shop floor enables us to train and keep our teams up to date with the latest key performance indicators, customer and business information giving us a closed loop system.


Quality & Inspection

Quality and Environmental Management Systems

Environmental and Quality Policy

Batten and Allen Ltd is a designer / manufacturer and electroplater of precision stampings, with over forty years’ experience. We provide parts for electrical, electronic, medical, automotive, telecommunication, consumer products, jewellery and solar energy.applications from our base in Cirencester UK. We supply hundreds of millions of components worldwide each month.

It is our policy to improve the performance of our Management System through a continuous programme of data collection, analysis and action. The purpose of our Management System is to satisfy or exceed customer expectations; helping us to maintain or improve the high standard of products and services that we provide. In addition to improving our performance we will reduce our environmental impact by complying with relevant environmental legislation and through progress towards our targets and objectives.

We are also committed to continual improvement, prevention of pollution and reducing risks associated with emergency situations (such as fire, flood and chemical release). To this end we will appraise our performance during management review, and also review our targets and objectives to ensure that they remain appropriate.

Contingency planning

To ensure the continued supply of components to our customers our disaster recovery team have prepared a detailed disaster recovery plan and agreed a partnership which allows us to transfer production to an alternative suitably equipped site in the event of a disaster affecting operations. Our plans include agreements that have been made with suppliers of key equipment, materials and products to aid or speed our recovery.

On site we have a designated fire proof storage area to protect our customer tooling

This advanced planning necessary to produce our disaster recovery plan and departmental contingency plans also takes into account potential disasters affecting our key suppliers. This process involved has allowed us to significantly reduce recovery time. Mitigating actions, designed to limit or reduce the scale or extent of a disaster, have been introduced.

Process Analysis

Our fully equipped process control laboratory allows us to carrying out Quantitive Chemical Analysis (Titration) enabling us to determine the concentration of chemical constituent of the plating baths during the plating process.

Our Experience

As part of our Environmental policy we recycle 100% of our waste water through our state of the art effluent treatment plant and carry out testing using UV spectrophotometer to determine Copper, Nickel, Sulphate amongst other contaminants.

We also use XRF measurement to determine chemical analysis of the base materials.