Low cost, flexible design and fast delivery helps us prove new components before full production.

Low cost rapid delivery test samples.

Investing in an expensive progression tool without component proving and testing is a daunting prospect for our customers so at Batten & Allen we offer a fast low cost prototyping service to ease these worries.

We can offer a complete service which includes:

  • Wire eroded blanks
  • Etched blanks
  • Tool room hand formed parts
  • Single impression stamped parts from modular tooling

All of the above offer the customer a low cost fast delivery option of samples for testing before a full production tool is required.

If a more representative sample of the finished part is required we can utilise single impression modular tooling or single cavity mould tools.

At this stage our experienced engineers can offer design and material selection ideas to develop a component that is functional and cost effective.

“It is a pleasure doing business with Batten & Allen. I sincerely appreciate your quick responses and help with any questions we have. Thank you”