As part of our policy of maximum self-sufficiency, we design and build our own high-speed electroplating plating lines.

We have adopted a number of innovative techniques to achieve selective reel to reel plating with a positional accuracy of 0.2mm

We are committed to using the best practicable environmental options in all processes and operations, seeking to reduce waste and improve the efficiency of energy and resource use.

We currently have 8 in house electroplating lines with the capability of plating stamped components reel to reel as well as pre-plating of continuous coil material for subsequent stamping.

Our Engineers can help our customers with selection of plating finishes and with our fully equipped process laboratory we can monitor and control plating solutions and thickness of plating to ensure we minimise waste and meet our customer and environmental requirements.

We can plate onto substrates of Stainless Steel, Copper Alloys, Beryllium Copper and Ferrous materials with the following finishes:







Our Lead-Free plating is RoHS Compliant