Our preference is always to be involved at the conception of a product as this is where we can utilise our 40 years of experience to help you maximise efficiency from your component performance and save money.

Let us help you! - Please feel free to contact Batten and Allen for a free consultation and review of a component design. Based on our philosophy that if we can make our customer successful, it will bring us success.

Design Guidelines

After deciding on a material suitable for your requirements there are several key points that need to be checked before commencing the design of a precision stamped component

Material Selection

Please remember that the lowest cost material does not always work out to make the cheapest price component.

Bend Radii

Rolled metal strip has a grain direction with a good and bad way bend. Most data sheets specify this.

It is strongly recommended that this is checked at the early stages of the component design.

Minimum Pin Size

As a general rule please ensure that a section of a component is never less than 2 x material thickness.

It is possible to stamp down to 0.5 x material thickness, however specialised techniques are required (please consult with BA in this instance)


Because we have our own plating department in house we have a lot of experience that we can put to our customers advantage.

Lead-Free plating RoHS Compliant

Packaging and Assembly

This final step can make a huge difference on cost and always requires attention at the early design stage.

If a component has a delicate form or a part that has a high profile, Batten and Allen has a wealth of experience in design solutions to prevent damage and maximise the qty per reel thus reducing hidden costs (it is very uneconomic to ship large quantities of air!).

On Site Forming of Components

As part of the measures to prevent damage and save on shipping Batten and Allen can assist with the development of form and crop systems to operate at the customer’s premises in line with production (Customer Process Solutions).

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