Our range of presses can offer small close pitch components with material thicknesses in the range of 10 microns thick foil to more heavy duty single piece stampings upto 2mm thick.

With 22 high speed Bruderer presses capable of running on a three shift system we have the ability at Batten & Allen to produce over 650 million parts per month.

Continuous Improvement is key to our business and we monitor output and efficiency on a daily basis.

Our fully airconditioned facility operates using Lean Manufacturing techniques.

We have a closed door controlled climate facility which enables us:

  • to serve the Medical industry with confidence by minimising the contamination of products
  • to run presses at 1,400 strokes per minute under fine tolerance conditions.

We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing our own ancillary equipment incorporating lean techniques and taking into account customer and quality requirements.

We also offer a design and manufacture facility for our customer to help them incorporate our pressed parts into their manufacturing process.

With our apprentice scheme we are continually looking towards the future by introducing a new apprentice every year and investing in their and the company’s future.


“BA is a true business partner. Keep up the great work.”


We produce typical material thicknesses of 0.635mm down to 0.35mm. We also stamp using Hi-Lite N010 material with a gauge of 0.10mm.

Batten and Allen are able to produce ‘high end’ non-orientated fully processed electrical steel grades (EN10106) to mild steel in various material thicknesses.

Customer Specific

We can produce a full range of laminations including single piece, semi sheared (cleated) lamination packs or bonded stacks.

Lamination packs are one of our specialist production manufacturing lines and we can supply stacked straight from the press using half stitched locking features stacking them to the desired height so there is no additional assembly cost.

We also offer non stitched laminations that we can supply as loose pieces, stacked in any height denomination or fully bonded to customer requirements.

Custom Precision Stamping

Pressed Metal Parts

We specialise in custom precision metal parts working across a variety of industries and sectors.

Working closely with our clients we create specialised products for a variety of industries which include electrical, electronic, medical, automotive, telecommunication, consumer products, jewellery and solar energy.

Our Experience

With multi impression dies and constant speeds of up to 1,400 strokes per minute – based on a 3-shift work schedule – we have the capacity to produce up to six hundred and fifty million stampings per month with our complement of Bruderer presses.

To complement our stamping facility we also have our own in house plating facility and process control laboratory which enables us to assist our customers with their plating requirements.

Our expertise extends to assisting customers with the initial design concept, supplying low cost prototyped parts, material selection, optimisation of material utilisation, plating finishes, over moulding or insert moulding.

The Press Shop

Following the manufacture of the stamped and plated part, we can also offer crop and form tooling to assist customers’ in-house assembly and production.

Packaging Format of Stamped Parts

Packaging Format of Stamped Parts

Reeled Parts

Batten & Allen’s standard reels are made entirely from cardboard, and are 100% recyclable.

Interleave – Paper, Aluminium or Mylar

For bespoke designs we can help customers design and source reels in various materials and sizes.

Piece Parts

For most applications piece parts are bagged and boxed, or loaded into bespoke customer packages including vacuum formed trays.

Palletised Parts

Parts manufactured and palletised for economical transportation, storage and de-coiling into final assembly process.

Tape and Reel

In house tape & reel of stamped and or over-moulded parts. Standard and bespoke tapes 12mm - 136mm, supplied on anti-static cardboard or custom designed reels.